RTMark Screensaver

A software program brought to you by RTMmark that functions like a screensaver. Explore THE IDEA, THE WORKER, CAPITAL INVESTMENT, and CORPORATE VEIL according to RTMark. For PC's only.

Margaret Crane/Jon Winet
d-tlc bulletin service

Monthly updates from the 2000 Elections campaign trail.

SoftSub 1.0

SoftSub is a free software application that probes the organizational structure of a computer, resulting in a summary of the interrelations between files, folders, system, and desktop configurations.
Andi Freeman and Jason Skeet

<earshot> is a free software that enables you to create endless mixes of the web's acoustic spaces. It trawls through the web searching for audio files and streams which the user can play with and manipulate.


Here is your chance to kick some arse, annihilate the powers that be, and smack them into the next millennium.

Gebhard Sengmüller

With VinylVideo™, you can now transform your old record player and your TV set into a brand-new home movie medium - quickly, conveniently, and without complicated instruction manuals.

general idea
AIDS screensaver

A web project co-produced by äda'web, the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and ArtAIDS.


The most eye-popping development in the history of vision. This revolutionary innovation in sight is going to make sound simply trivial by comparison.

I/O/D (Matthew Fuller, Colin Green, Simon Pope)
I/O/D 4:

Software is mind control - get some.

John F. Simon, Jr.
Every Icon

Can a machine produce every possible image? What are the limits of this kind of automation? Every Icon presents all possibilities.

Online magazine

What you get: An online magazine bursting at the seams with beautifully designed, intelligent, funny content of all sorts, from personal stories to comics, games, music, and much more.

The price: Your immortal soul. Also, please click on our ad banners.

Natalie Bookchin

BAD is a journal committed to the documentation of acts of terrorism against the art world. BAD is a nonpartisan attempt to document these disturbing and exciting incidents. Don't miss archival texts and never before viewed photographs documenting some of the most controversial actions of our times.

Daniel Garcia Andujar
Technologies to the People (tm)

A full line of TTTP jackets, t-shirts, bags and other accoutrements.

Leviticus Ecstasy screensaver

Screen saving version of the last scene of Leviticus with high quality graphics and sounds.
Anne-Marie Schleiner

An underworld game patch router to female monsters, frag queens and bobs whose first name is betty, which unearths examples of female computer game avatars from shooter add-ons, patches, and wads from the mid 1990's, a not so distant era when most official characters in shooters were male....
Portable First Solo Show Audio Tour & Extended Dance Mix

Take a tour with MTAA through their first Solo Show at Walden in NYC. The Tour has a hip, beat-filled backing track mixed by CP_V70. A special Bonus Track entitled "Empty You" by Yab Yum follows the Tour.

South to the Future
C-SPAM Gift Shoppe

Spam yourself or someone you love....

Mark Amerika

Word trance. Rhet Rap. Audio Writing. The first Alt-X CD (some call it "lit-hop").

jodi. game. need we say more?
Maciej Wisniewski

netomat(TM) is a meta-browser that engages a different Internet--an Internet that is an intelligent application and not simply a large database of static files. netomat(TM) dialogues with the net to retrieve information as unmediated and independent in form.

Heritage Gold

Only MongrelSoft(tm) could make having fun with photos this easy. MongrelSoft(tm) HeritageGold 2.0 is based on MongrelSoft(tm) expertise in racialisation, the worldwide industry standard among dedicated diversity professionals.

Amy Franceschini / Futurefarmers

Futurefarmers lil partner sits on your desktop. It automatically updates latest Futurefarmer information and a running list of our favorite urls without launching any browsers.

Jeff Gates

Demographics for sale! Find out what makes this almost middle age artist and bureaucrat tick!

Prema Murthy
Bindigirl souvenirs

Get your EXOTIC souvenirs here! Socks, Bindi Dots, Goddess Prints, and more.

Melinda Rackham

Own this award-winning poetic net.art work by purchasing a licensed copy of the latest version of a.land from artcart. Your certificate of authenticity and a copy of a.land will be sent to you with your name included within the work.

Or, download an older version for free at:
How to get there:
from artlyin.ftr.va.com.au
>> download a HOTLINE client
>> connect to the server at artlyin.ftr.va.com.au
>> file for a.land is mrackham

Alexei Shulgin

The ultimate remote sex solution.

Robbin Murphy
Multiples on Demand

Open edition multiples by Robbin Murphy available on demand by printing from the Web browser.

Andy Deck
Artcontext Calendar

Calendars featuring artwork contributed by visitors to Artcontext as well as essays and design by the artist.