a.e.n. <||> The Curator As Information Architect

artist/author: Steve
producer/sponsor: Walker Art Center, Gallery9
host: http://aen.walkerart.org/
date: Feb. 11, 2000
keywords: art, portal, random, database

Unit A (The A Team):

Matteo Ames: technical wizard, senior information specialist, webmaster,
Cold Fusion maven 1st class, unix god, voice of no reason why not, inventor,
database guru, boy scout (a helping hand for everyone), get me rewrite
(script editor)

Steve Dietz: feature creep, portal porthole, what if, curator, chief
supplicant, concept, webwalker, drought diminisher, straight man, no reason

Robin Dowden: mediatheque mogul, Cold Fusion maven 1st class, voice of
class(y)fication reason, Dorothy (we're not at NGA anymore, Toto),
Information Resources Manager, Quark exporter, URL archaeologist

Trudy Lane: interior design, mediatheque maven, artwarez siren, travel
agent, 2nd (and 3rd) shift, color coordinator, voice of reasonable excess,

Louis Mazza: everything else, chief let's entertainer, media chef (EAT),
javascript wrassler, head gunner(targeting frames), Nintendo liaison, give
me another reason

Lisa Middag: chief entomologist (nit picker), chief of protocol (p's & q's),
artist ambassador (contracts), puppet master (bureaucracy), music maker
(keyboards), there must be a reason (boss), indispensible

Vivian Selbo: art director, designer, co-conspirator, coder, Cold Fusion
maven 2nd class, javascript wizard, dictator, voice of reason, vision of
excess, humor monger, architect

Unit B (thanks)

the artists
andrew for his sensory antenna
benjamin and viv for ada'web
betsy for believing
janet and keel and birch for their love
jennifer and david for going beyond
josephine and tilman for talking
lev and peter and simon for thinking
marc who doesn't know
matt for writing
murph for his tips
natalie for being so bad
nettime and rhizome for conten/xt and energy
olia for her stories
philippe for caring enough and not caring
remo and rob for MIT Port
sarah for partnering
steve for his support
vuk.heath.jodi.alexei for mesopotamia
wolfgangsta for that thing
the artists

Unit C (credits)

Art Entertainment Network is a production of Gallery 9/Walker Art Center
Conceived and curated by Steve Dietz
Web portal art directed and designed by Vivian Selbo
Gallery portal by Antenna Design New York Inc.
Generous support from Aveus for the gallery portal and the Jerome Foundation
for some of the artist projects

Imperfections in the fabric of this website are intentional and will not
affect its ability to stop wind or rain.