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Mark Amerika
Who Wants To Be An Internet Artist?
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Joachim Blank
What is netart ;-) ?
Natalie Bookchin
a story of net art (open source)
Natalie Bookchin + Alexei Shulgin
Interview: January 2000 (Universal Page)
Josephine Bosma
Interview with Steve Dietz
Sawad Brooks
Sarah Cook
E.A.T. and EAT some more
Steve Dietz
Interview with Mark Amerika
Auriea Harvey
Sylvie Parent interviews the artist
Jenny Holzer
live chat transcript 5.23.95
Natalie Jeremijenko
Database Politics and Social Simulations
Marc Lafia + Daniel Coffeen
Hyperdiction: a tool for now
Lev Manovich
Navigable Space
Mez (Mary-anne Breeze)
A Paper/Report:The Nature Of The Datableede [11 hour translation allowance]
Mez (Mary-anne Breeze)
Josephine Bosma interviews the artist
Matthew Mirapaul
On This Network, Nothing but Internet Art
nettime archives
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Randall Packer
Net Art As Theater of the Senses: A Hypertour of Jodi and Grammatron
Simon Pope and Matthew Fuller
WARNING! This Computer Has Multiple Personality Disorder
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Alexei Shulgin + Natalie Bookchin
Introduction to net.art (1994-1999)
Joel Slayton + Geri Wittig
Ontology of Organization as System
South to the Future
Putting the Art Back into Commerce
Jason Spingarn-Koff
Art Entertainment Network Review from RHIZOME_RAW
Eugene Thacker
"../visible_human.html: Digital Anatomy and the Hyper-Texted Body"
McKenzie Wark
UnMarking Amerika
02.08.00--Art Entertainment Network; EAT: Entertainment, Art, Technology; Sins of Change; Let's Entertain